Inland Empire Chapter Formation.

The American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers authorized the formation of the Inland Empire Chapter of ASH&VE.

On October 13, 1949 The American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers, 62 Worth Street, New York 13, N.Y. authorized the formation of the Inland Empire Chapter of ASH&VE. Dr. Eastwood of the University of Washington presented the charter with members present from Portland and Seattle. Charter members included W.C. Vrandenberg, Lyle Marque, Tom Nau, John Harvey, James Doyle, George Dieter, and others. Membership was of primary importance in the early years. The chapter started with about fourteen (14) members.

1950 - 1954


New Members, Name and a Newsletter

Membership growth was the most pressing goal of the new chapter. The first newsletter was discussed during this period and the Society took on a new name.

Through the early 50’s the officers and members of the chapter worked to increase the size of the flock. On May 8, 1954 it was announced that the chapters membership had risen to forty-nine (49) members. In 1953 the society dues were $25.00 a year.

The first mention of the newsletter by name was made in minute’s notes of the May 8, 1954 meeting. It appears that the newsletter was something new and was called “THE GUIDETTE”, Bruce Campbell was in charge of the publication.

On October 14, 1954 a special Board meeting was called at the Ridpath Hotel to read a letter explaining the procedure for changing the name of our organization to AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING ENGINEERS, INC.

1955 - 1959


Mergers and Regional Conferences

The first regional conference held in Portland, Or. ASHAE and ASRE combined to become ASHRAE.

Region IV, later to be numbered XI, was formed in 1955/56. Spokane had strong desires to hold the first regional conference. Portland had contacted Spokane and asked for support to have the conference in Portland. Spokane agreed and soon afterwards learned that the region was considerably larger than just the northwest of the U.S. Region Four consisted of Phoenix, Arizona, Portland, Or. San Francisco, Ca., Salt Lake City, UT, Sacramento, Ca., Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, Ca., and Spokane, WA.

The merger of the American Society of Heating and Air-Conditioning engineers and The American Society of Refrigerating Engineers took place August 15, 1958 and Region Four became Region X. Through the 1958/59-year boundaries for the new chapters was established. It was not until July 1, 1959 that ASHAE and ASRE were no longer and both became ASHRAE.



Mid. Columbia Chapter Introduced

The Mid. Columbia Chapter introduction brought the regional chapter count to eleven (11).

In March 11, 1982 a new chapter was introduced, Mid. Columbia Chapter, this makes 5 American and 6 Canadian Chapters in our Region.